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All-in-One Jokeboxes
CD Blaster
Easy MP3 Workshop
Visual MP3
CD TO MP3 Ripper
Audio Grabber
Easy CD Ripper
CD To MP3 Maker
AltoMP3 Maker
CD Wav Ripple
Audio MP3 Maker
Audio CD Burner
MP3 CD Converter
MP3 CD Burner
MP3 Encoder/Decoders
MP3 Wave Converter
Cool MP3 Converter
Ease MP3 Wav Converter
Audio Converter
Audio MP3 Converter
WMA Converter
MP3 To All Converter
Ease Audio Converter
Midi Converter
WIDI Recognition System
MP3 Management
CD Lable Maker
MP3 Media Studio
Audio Recorder Editor
Super MP3 Recorder Pro
MP3/WMA Recorder
Sound Editor Pro
MP3 Audio Mixer
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Super MP3 Recorder Pro
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WIDI Recognition System
MP3 to MMF Converter
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Copy All Menus, Trailers _ Special Features

Step 1: Install DVDXCopy on Computer

Step 2: Insert Blank DVD Disc

Step 3: Press COPY NOW to Backup DVD
It couldn't be easier!
Note: This is a fully featured DVD burner software that burns DVD 1 to 1. No other expensive software is required!
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1. How to compress .mp3 .wav(wave) to cda (burn mp3 audio cd) ? Pick!
2. How to grab Audio CD to mp3, wav(wave), wma, ogg, vqf directly? Pick!
3. How to record .ram .rm files to mp3, wave (.wav) , wma files? Pick!
4. How to convert cd, mp3, wav(wave) to mid files directly? Pick!
5. How to convert between .mp3 files and .wav(wave) files in batch?
6. How to split, combine, encoder, decoder mp3 files?
7. How to search, make lyrics and Display MP3 Lyrics with playing ?
8. How to organize mp3 files with batch ID3 modify, rename, catalog ?
9. How to convert audio file between wma, mp3, wav(wave), ogg, vqf files ?
10. How to record sound to MP3/WAV files from your cassette tape ?
11. How to both Rip audio CD and burn ogg, mp3 files to cd in one program?
12. How to edit wave file effect (audio file wma mp3 wave editors) ?
13. How to backup DVD _ Copy DVD Movies in one software? Pick!
14. How to convert mp3 to mmf, mid to mmf, sp midi, rtttl, imy? Pick!
Editor's Choice! - Audio CD Burner
MP3 CD Converter Version 4.00
An easy-to-use cd-burning software, it converts mp3 files directly to conventional audio CDs, you may enjoy the burned cds with your home, car stereo or portable cd player. [More...]
Download (1.7M) [Site 1] [Site 2]
Function: MP3 to CDA
Editor's Choice! - Audio CD Ripper and Converter
CD MP3 Ripper Version 3.01
Rip CD tracks into MP3, WAV, WMA, OGG, VQF files.
Also convert audio files including: mp3 to wav, wav to mp3, mp3 to wma, wma to mp3, wav to wma, wma to wav, mp3 to ogg, ogg to mp3, wav to ogg, ogg to wav, wma to ogg, ogg to wma.
Download (7.3M) [Site 1] [Site 2]
Function: Audio Grabber/ MP3 Compressor / Audio Converter
Alto-MP3 Maker Version 3.10
Encoder/Decoder between MP3 and WAV files.Also can save CDs into MP3 or Ogg Vorbis files. [More...]
Download (1.4M) [Site 1] [Site 2]
Function: Audio Grabber / Audio Converter
Editor's Choice! - Sound Recording and Audio Editor
Audio Recorder Software
Super MP3 Recorder Pro Version 2.50
Recording sound to MP3, Wav, WMA files from your cassette tape.Also record rm ram files to mp3 wma files, built-in cool sound editor.[More...]
Download (2.5M) [Site 1] [Site 2]
Function: Audio Recorder / Audio editor
Sound Edit Pro Version 1.13
WMA, MP3, Wav effect editor, getting started with audio sound editing.[More...]
Download (7.3M) [Site 1] [Site 2]
Function: Audio Edtor / Audio Recorder
Editor's Choice! - Polyphonic Ringtone Converter
Mobile Ringtone Polyphonic Version 1.3
Midi, wave, mp3 to polyphonic ringtone composition and converting software. You can write your own music in Mobile Music Polyphonic and save to polyphonic ringtone format file. It can save your music into standard midi, SP midi and SMAF format (*.mmf) file. Convert mid to mmf, mmf to mid, standard midi to sp midi, wav to mmf, mp3 to mmf. [More...]
Download (2.5M) [Site 1] [Site 2]
Function: Ringtone Converter
Editor's Choice! - MP3 Wave to Midi Converter
WIDI Recognition System (MP3/WAVE to Mid Converter) Version 2.70
It is a CD/MP3/WAVE to Midi Compressor, making small MID files for transferring them into 7650 or other mobile telephone.
Download (1.2M) [Site 1] [Site 2]
Function: Midi Converter / Audio codec
Editor's Choice! - All-in-One Jokeboxes
Easy MP3 WorkShop Version 1.20
You can cut segments, combine multi mp3 files into one or play, Convert between mp3 _ wave, Rip Music CDs to MP3 or wave files all in one. [More...]
Download (2.2M) [Site 1] [Site 2]
Function: All-in-One
CD Blaster Version 1.20
Rip your favorite CD tracks to MP3, burn them on one disk, so you can enjoy your most favorite CD tracks without changing discs! [More...]
Download (1.3M) [Site 1] [Site 2]
Function: Audio Grabber/ Audio CD burner
Audio Grabber, Audio Converter, Audio Recorder, Audio editor

DVD Audio Ripper
2003-12-22 Recommend!
* Rip DVD Audio To MP3 or Wav
Mobile Ringtone Polyphonic
2003-7-7 Recommend!
* mp3 to mmf, mid to mmf, smaf
WMA/MP3 Recorder

EZ-DJ Plus!
* Perform cool DJ tricks and apply great sounding effects
* Burn it to a CD or export it to your portable music devicet.
MP3 Wav Convertor 1.60

CD To MP3 Ripper

New Release ! 2003-4-2
CD Ripper + Audio Converter

Audio MP3 Converter 3.10
Converting between WMA, MP3, Wav, OGG, VQF files in batch!
Sound Editor Pro 1.13

2002-12-23 Recommend!

Easy CD Ripper 1.50

Super MP3 Recorder Pro

2002-11-27 Recommend!
audio recorder rm to WMA, MP3
also built-in a cool sound editor!
MP3 Workshop 1.20

2002-11-27 Recommend!
Cut, combine, Convert MP3 _ wave files, with rip cds to mp3 function all in one!
WIDI Recognition System 2.70
2002-11-13 Highly Recommend!
Convert mp3, wave to midi files directly!Even cd to midi!
CD Blaster 1.20
2002-10-30 Recommend!
Audio CD Burner, Ripper all in one!
WMA Converter 1.52

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