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Copy All Menus, Trailers _ Special Features

Step 1: Install DVDXCopy on Computer

Step 2: Insert Blank DVD Disc

Step 3: Press COPY NOW to Backup DVD
It couldn't be easier!
Note: This is a fully featured DVD burner software that burns DVD 1 to 1. No other expensive software is required!
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Featured Audio CD Burner
Burning MP3 CD using these great CD Burning software titles is a snap. Burn your MP3s and enjoy endless hours of music on your home or car stereo.
MP3 CD Burner - rip your personal CDs, retag your songs and burn audio CDs with a click! 4-in-one tools!

* Burn CDs ! (Easiest burner !)

* Rip your tracks with a click !

* Find music on your computer.

* Organize your music !

This burning software presents a simple interface with access to all the functions you need in a burner: add and remove songs, add fade effects, arrange song order and more...

And now, a CD Ripper, ID3 Tag Editor and MP3 Music Library Organizer has been added to MP3 CD Burner.

You won't need another MP3 tool because MP3 CD Burner is an unmatched 4-in-1 tool that is worth the price. [More...]
MP3 CD Converter
A built in search feature will also scan your drive for additional tracks. You can test each track before burning with a built in mini-player, a good idea to ensure quality tracks are burned. The program also has an option for you to normalize the volume of the tracks you want to burn to keep the sound levels even throughout the CD you make. The CDDB support feature lets you pull track and artist info off the Internet automatically without the hassle of having to type it all yourself.

Despite its setbacks with burning speed, this program is worth a try. The low registration price and ease of use set it apart from most other programs.

1. Burn Audio CD from MP3, WAV files on-the-fly. No additional temporary disc space is required when the CD burning
2. Import Audio tracks picked from several Audio CDs easily
3. Normalizing function to ensure all tracks in the target Audio CD have the same volume level a cd and generating mp3 files at the same time
4. Powerful searching function,easily locate the MP3 files in local disc
5. With a pretty built-in mini player
6. Support ID3v1 and ID3v2 tag (ID3 editor)
7. Easy to use with intuitive user interface and drag-drop feature [More...]
CD Blaster - Burn MP3 CD or Audio CD, rip audio cd to mp3, wma, wav, ogg format all in one program!
CD Blaster is a powerful and easy to use CD Burner and CD Ripper in one program. With CD Blaster you can easily extract CD tracks from audio CD as well as record CD from music files. You can create standard Audio CD that can be played in regular CD players as well as MP3 data CD that can be played in portable MP3 players and DVD players.

CD Blaster
supports popular audio formats (mp3, Ogg Vorbis, wav, wma), can get CD disc information from freedb, has a built-in audio player and other great features.

* Rip CD to MP3, WMA, OGG, Wav
* Burn WMA to Audio CD directly!
* Burn OGG to Audio CD directly!
* Burn MP3 to Audio CD directly!
* Burn WAV to Audio CD directly!
* Burn them to MP3 CD directly! [More...]
Audio Grabber, Audio Converter, Audio Recorder, Audio editor
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